Our Rec Gym 1 class aims to allow young athletes to learn gymnastics in an engaging, fun and safe environment. Students will learn skills on uneven bars, balance beam, vault, floor and trampoline in a 50 minute class. 

We use circuits to teach skill progressions which will help students succeed. This enables students to develop at their own pace in a rewarding and non-competitive environment while gaining skills, strength, flexibility and agility. 

Our coaching staff is continually tracking each student’s progress and working to build each student’s skill set. 

This class is designed for students who have mastered all of the Rec Gym 1 skills and have been invited by a coach to Rec Gym 2! 

Using all four Olympic events and trampoline, we lead our students in building new skills and improving their already acquired skill set. Evaluation by our coaching staff is necessary prior to enrolling at this level. Each Rec Gym 2 class is a 50 minute class. 

Weekly lesson plans include skills and drills as well as stations that are fitness focused to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. Our coaching staff is continually tracking each student’s progress and working to build each student’s skill set. 

Rec Gym 3 focuses on teaching young gymnasts with strong techniques to achieve their gymnastics dreams! 

Rec Gym 3 is our most advanced recreational class. This is a great stepping stone for athletes who have not entered our competitive program yet but have acquired competitive level skills. In Rec Gym 3, our gymnasts begin working skill and skill combinations in preparation for developing into competitive gymnasts. 

Our goal is to prepare each gymnast for competition while having fun in the process. Rec 3 gymnasts are selected by coach evaluation &/or invitation only. Our Rec Gym 3 class is a 75 min. class.

Tumble Stars is proud to offer a successful competitive program for those gymnasts who show the talent and desire to compete. Our goal is for each of our athletes to reach their highest potential in gymnastics in a safe and positive atmosphere. We are proud of our mission of “Building happy champions in gymnastics and in life”. We are about building your child as an athlete as well as a person. 

Tumble Stars competitive gymnasts are taught decdiction, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-worth, goal setting and self confidence that they will continue to use throughout their athletic and academic careers. All programs are by invitation.

Our teams currently compete in the Oklahoma AAU program. Our competitive team requires a commitment to training and competition from both gymnast and parents. 

Our team gymnasts practice 1-3 days per week for 1-2 hours per day depending on the competition level. The Tumble Stars competitive program is by invitation only and invitations are extended once a year. 

Team membership is a full year commitment.


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