JUST THE TWO OF US:  This parent/child class is offered for little ones 18 months to 3 years old.  This class is designed to explore gymnastics as well as develop coordination and social skills.  Experience music, group activities and basic motor skills with your little one!

TWINKLE STARS: Just for 3 year olds!  These little tykes build basic movement pattern skills and develop strength and coordination.  Our lessons are packed with warm-ups, circuit training, music and lots of FUN!!  No parents required here!

SHINING STARS: 4 & 5 year olds.  Beginning level gymnastics as well as improving motor skills and social skills.  Students learn rolls, basic positions, progressions into cartwheels, handstands and so much more! 

MINI MUSCLES:  Just for boys ages 4-6!  Learning gymnastics while developing strength, control, agility and flexibility along with coordination and gross motor skills!  These skills will help these little athletes in sports of all kinds!

SOARING STARS: Soaring Stars is an invitation-only class that provides a more advanced curriculum in our preschool program.  Instructor approval is required.


REC GYM 1:  Beginner/Intermediate level. Students will learn skills on uneven bars, balance beam, vault & floor exercise.  We use circuits to teach skill progressions which help students succeed while learning skills.  This enables students to develop at their own pace in a rewarding and non-competitive environment. In this class, our gymnasts learn Level 1 skills & are introduced to Level 2 skills.

REC GYM 2: Intermediate/Advanced level. Students work on more challenging skills with our circuit training style. Girls should have prior gymnastics experience on all the apparatus. Evaluation by our coaching staff is necessary prior to enrolling at this level.  At this level, gymnasts have mastered Level 1 skills and are learning Level 2 skills in depth.

REC GYM 3: Rec Gym 3 is our most advanced recreational class. This is a great stepping stone for athletes who have not entered our competitive program yet but have both Level 1 &  Level 2 skills mastered.  In Rec Gym 3, our gymnasts begin working Level 3 skills in preparation for developing into competitive gymnasts. Our goal is to prepare each gymnast for competition while having fun in the process.  Rec 3 members are selected by coach evaluation &/or invitation only.

BOYS GYMNASTICS: Our NEW boys gymnastics program, for ages 7 & up, will focus on a number of foundational areas of boys’ gymnastics. The main goal is for the boys to have fun. They will have the opportunity to experiment with and learn many body positions, elemental fitness movements and progressions to foundational skills for boys’ gymnastics on all apparatus. In the process, they will also gain fitness, strength and flexibility in a healthy activity.

TUMBLE 1: Tumbling classes are co-ed and are grouped by skill level.  If your child is interested in power tumbling, this is the class for you!  Classes focus on skills such as handstands, cartwheels and round-offs.  As strength, flexibility and confidence grow, we begin working on walkovers, handsprings and more.  This class includes tumbling and trampoline.

TUMBLE 2:  Tumble 2 is an advanced tumbling class.  Athletes should have had prior tumbling experience.  Evaluation by our coaching staff is necessary prior to enrolling at this level.  This class includes tumbling and trampoline.

COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS: Tumble Stars has a fantastic competitive gymnastics team program!  We just completed our 10th year with competition teams and we now have Level 1,  Level 2, Level 3 and Xcel teams!

Our teams currently compete in the Oklahoma TAG program and Oklahoma AAU program.   TAG and AAU Gymnastics are great ways to build self confidence through team participation! Your child will love showing off their routines in front of a crowd at meets and receiving the awards that he/she will earn for participating. Our competitive team program requires a commitment to training and competition from both gymnasts and parents.  Our team gymnasts practice 1 to 3 days per week for 1 to 2 hours each day depending on the competition level. 

All Tumble Stars team membership is by invitation only and invitations are extended once a year.

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